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CEO/ Founder

Ali M. Haidar

Dear Partners,

We would like to thank you for taking us through your business needs. I hope that SMART DOTS will play a major part in the marketing communications of your Company in Kuwait in the near future.

Companies are seeking Brand awareness and consumer confidence with ‘front of mind association’ in order to gain, keep and win new market share. With the general acceptance of ambient media in public and business comes a unique opportunity to deliver a new and innovative approach.

SMART DOTS offers a campaign package of unparalleled value by ‘delivering’ advertising, marketing and promotions solutions in a cost effective manner which are strong corporate branding tools and capable of contributing to major advertising campaigns. The use of up to date software in data collection and measuring campaign acceptance as well as accountability.

SMART DOTS delivers your message in mass and direct to your target audience ( saving on media wastage) and or with distribution of free product samples in highly populated public spaces. All of this is combined with the presence of illuminated advertising at night. Further, our planner’s insights and experiences guarantee a cost effective changing of the message to assist in companies many brands while saving on costs for branding.

SMART DOTS offers an advertising/marketing/promotions service that will yield a high return for your advertising dollar. Your brand awareness and brand building initiatives have a new Partner. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you very briefly our agency and what we offer our clients in Kuwait:-

SMART DOTS is a 100% Kuwaiti advertising agency established recently in 2010. Our services cover; Advertising, Creative, Strategic Planning, Public Relations and Media Buying.

We believe in brands.

Their power, their value their increasing importance in consumers' lives

We believe our job is to help clients build enduring brands that become part of consumers' lives and inspire their loyalty and win their confidence.

We believe advertising that sells has:

1. The right strategy

2.The right execution

3. The right cultural environment

We also believe that an effective selling execution has 4 key characteristics:

1. Be relevant

2. Be memorable

3. Register the Brand Name

4. Sell not Tell

In developing creative strategies, we seek to identify:

1. Who is the prime prospect?

2. What are the prime prospect’s requirements?

3. How do the product /service meets the prospect’s requirements?

We do this through a very useful planning tool for our clients called BIX (Brand In-Depth Exploration) through this planning tool, clients can:

1. Know more about your industry

2. Know more about your consumer

3. Know more about your competitors

4. Design effective advertising strategies

Looking forward to fruitful business relationship and we would be glad to receive your communications brief for any needs at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Ali Haidar

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